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A sure way to kill 95% of a woman's sex drive.
Justine and I usta make like rabbits all the time. Now after marrying her I'm lucky to get laid one or two times a week.
by Amos Bwatt September 16, 2004
Your face after giving your lady a grand gushing Orgasm by a dexterious tonguing.
Man, after the licking I gave my Darlin' my face looked like a glazed doughnut.
by Amos Bwatt September 12, 2004
The verdant hair around a woman anus. Collects paper, butt nuggets and panty liner fuzz.
Man, you shoulda see the collection of stuff in that chicks Butt Furr.
by Amos Bwatt October 03, 2004
The sound of a finger slipping in and out of a wet vagina on the school bus. From Tom Robbins "Even Cowgirls get the Blues"
'Sissy recieved a solid fingering on the bus coming home from the football game and responded with a slippery suculent sounding pussy'
by Amos Bwatt November 26, 2004
Visiting Palmalla Handerson and her five closest friends
I assumed the position and then handed me to Palmalla Handerson and her five closest friends
by Amos Bwatt September 12, 2004

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