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Arresting ejaculation to avoid being caught masturbating. An unfortunate necessity for some learned in middle- or high-school often employed in adulthood (college). Aside from causing decreased self esteem this encourages untoward acts like masturbating under clothing or unzipping to masturbate potentially developing into marriage woes: erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
Trying to enjoy free access to a paid HD porn site, one hand on the mouse and one hand slid under the waistband, despite the exasperating penis constraint by fabric. On the verge of coming he heard his mom approaching his room. Cum preclude! He avoided jizz soaking through his clothes to cowardly masturbate another time allowing immediate participation in family activities for which he was summoned. The horror of interruption is not always sufficient to prevent boxer wiggle later.
by Amollishment October 25, 2012

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