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A term used on the John and Jeff Show that usually defines sexual intercourse involving the penis as the "jolly" between an old man and very young woman, but may also simply refer to sex and/or unreasonably extreme masturbation (jacking off).
1.)"I've been tired all day because I was rocking my jolly in the shower this morning."

2.)Alex: "Nick, you rock your jolly all the time don't you?"
Nick: "Yeah, with all different women. That's why I still don't settle with one girlfriend"

3.)"Captain Kirk rocked his jolly a ton!"
#rock your jolly #rock his jolly #sex #masturbation #masturbate #wanker #jack off #jacking off #penis #intercourse #sexual intercourse
by AMISH MAN July 01, 2008
A "super" deadly strain of cancer that can be contracted a near infinite amount of ways and its results are always fatal and terrible.
"That city was just wiped out by an epidemic of super cancer!"
#cancer #supercancer #super #super cancer #super cancir #supercancir #cancir
by Amish Man May 28, 2008
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