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A university where all kids drive Chrysler Cavalier F150 and sunfire's.

Where weed flows like water in river, and the desi jams have nothing but men and bad BO.

Everyone has pizza plus on speed dial, where drug dealers have email for faster delivery.

The leddy library is a social club where people go to study but end up re-grouping for weed session and some more ps3.

More time is spent on weed and ps3, then talking to family, friends, class, and more many mandatory important life items.

The business and Law programs are exceptionally well and compete with Ivey League schools.
Sartaj: Dude, Lets play FIFA and leave the University of Windsor
Vaibhav: dude, after one more joint..
Tushar: Someone roll, please....im sobering up...
Vaibhav: shit, no more blunt wraps
by AmirAli911 January 26, 2009

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