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A corruption of the word Ayo, where slavic pronouciation of the j is used.
Can be used in the same way as "hey" before you're about to bring something up.
A: Ji, so we'll lock that shit down..
B: Ajo! I'm feelin more like we freestyle it
by Amino June 07, 2004
Derivation from the word whadup, as in what's up/wassup. Quite handy when chattin.
A: "Ajo Ramooo"
B: "Dup"
by Amino June 07, 2004
The action of taking liberties.
He was properly libertised by the taxman
by Amino February 12, 2005
It means "yes", but immitates black american accents. The j is pronounced as a y.
A: Ajo
B: Ji (responds)
by Amino June 07, 2004

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