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Derivation from the word whadup, as in what's up/wassup. Quite handy when chattin.
A: "Ajo Ramooo"
B: "Dup"
by Amino June 07, 2004
A corruption of the word Ayo, where slavic pronouciation of the j is used.
Can be used in the same way as "hey" before you're about to bring something up.
A: Ji, so we'll lock that shit down..
B: Ajo! I'm feelin more like we freestyle it
by Amino June 07, 2004
The action of taking liberties.
He was properly libertised by the taxman
by Amino February 12, 2005
It means "yes", but immitates black american accents. The j is pronounced as a y.
A: Ajo
B: Ji (responds)
by Amino June 07, 2004

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