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In fact yalla is an arabic term and it consists of two words:
1. Ya which is like a preposition usually used to call someone else.
2. Allah, which means God.
Actually, yalla has too many usages like acceptannce, confirmation, urgency and many other meanings.
Yalla imshi : let's go
Yalla jayi : I am coming
Yalla wlow : Hurry up
and so on...
by Amine Janbein August 15, 2007
Is a beauteful village in the bekaa valley near to Baalbeck, the city of the sun.Therefore, Tamnine is famous because of it's Roumain Temple. Tamnine is known also as Timnine or Temnine.
Tamnine el Fawka is 8 km from the city of Zahle.
by Amine Janbein April 28, 2007
Apart from its English meaning, kiss also exists in Arabic, especially in lebanese arabic where it means the woman's sex.
Kiss immak : son of bitch
by Amine Janbein August 15, 2007

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