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Drunk: when you drink a shitload of booze
That chick was so plastered.
by Ames Hill October 29, 2007
high and plasteredat the same time.
Nobody at the party got twisted even though they said they were.
by Ames Hill October 29, 2007
Nick name for alchohol pronounced A-L-K
I need to get me some alk.
by Ames Hill October 29, 2007
A nickname for people who do large amounts of crack cocaine
Chris Farley was such a cokemonkey.
by Ames Hill October 29, 2007
when using dip or chew it is customary to first shake the can or lightly tap it against something to bunch it up so you will have a better dipping experience.
Person 1: Hey man give a repack that shits too loose.

Person 2: Alright ill use the knee method.
by Ames Hill November 14, 2007

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