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A contemporary Mexican American movement that challenges Chicanos and their interpretation of history, culture, and identity. The Amerixican Movement was born out of a need for an ideology that would be relevant to the poor and working class. It was Mexican American prisoners that first realized that our so called leaders weren't practicing what they preached. This created a division that pits the Chicano/GED (the common people) versus the Chicano/Ph.D. (the educated middle and upper class).
The Amerixican Movement is an ideological battle within the Mexican American community. The university Chicanos and their organizations should be commended for continuing to defend our civil rights, but they need to be chastised for redefining our identity, culture, and history. The Amerixican Movement has identified the destructive tenets of Chicanismo and their Aztlan fantasy and is now on a mission to set the record straight for the good of La Raza.
by Amerixican Vato February 23, 2012
There are two types of Chicanos in the lexicon of the Amerixican Movement; these are GED Chicanos and Ph.D. Chicanos. They are both the offspring of the Chicano Movement with the difference being that Ph.D. Chicanos are educated men and women who invented the Aztlan fantasy. The GED Chicanos are the less educated Raza who attempt to live out the fantasy only to end up dead or in prison.
The Chicano/Ph.D. found it easy to manipulate the Chicano/GED.
by Amerixican Vato February 22, 2012
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