2 definitions by Amerijew

A name for a killer llama. He doesn't mean to do it :0! DAMMIT CARL!!
Carl: "I do not kill people...that is my least favorite thing to do."
by Amerijew June 16, 2011
"Curb Your Enthusiasm Reference." Larry David saved this name on his phone for a female he was dating...she just so happened to be a paraplegic. Wendy Wheelchair was one of Larry's 2 handicapped lovers, the other being Denise Handicapped. He swore he had no idea that Denise was handicapped! As for Wendy he started dating her out of sympathy. Larry can't get enough of dem wheels.
Denise Handicapped: "Larry, who the fuck is in the closet?!?"

Larry: "Uhhhh Wendy Wheelchair???"

*soon after, Rosie O'Donnell chases Larry David off of a flight of stairs. RUHROOH!
by Amerijew June 16, 2011

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