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Obscure Game Boy Color game about a ten-year-old and his/her strugle to survive and escape a seemingly uninhabited island, with eight possible ways to end the game. Near the end of the game, the player may aquire a second child of the opposite gender who cannot continue living without the main character's attention.
Had an even more obscure sequel that sadly, never set foot on American soil.

Konami (Creators of the first two games) is currently creating a sequel for the Nintendo DS, entitled "Lost in Blue".
Person One: Hey, ever heard of a GBC came called Survival Kids?

Person Two: That game kicked ass! I had no idea other people knew of it's existance!

Person Three: Count me out, I've never heard of it. Mind telling me about it?

Person One: It was sort of an RPG, your guy had to run around the island, hunting animals for food and building tools to help you survive.

Person Two: Yeah, and if your fatigue , thirst, or hunger levels went too low, you died.

Person One: Too bad Survival Kids wasn't more well-known, it was an awesome game!

Person Two: Hey, I heard Lost in Blue for the Nintendo DS is a sequel to it!
by Americanto February 27, 2005
A confused, prideless group of homosexual men and women who, ironically, support homophobia by voting for homophobic republican candidates. Log cabin republicans claim to be changing attitudes toward homosexuals withing the republican party, but in reality, if they really want to help, they should simply change their red to blue.
Log cabin republican(LCR):Vote republican! Forget the fact that we really arn't doing anything to end homophobia or advance gay rights...those are low priority agendas.
by Americanto April 01, 2005

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