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Eastern Europeans who speak a Latin-based Romance language similar to Italian. The Romanians descend primarily from a mixture of indigenous Dacians, Roman soldiers and colonists who conquered the Dacians and intermarried/assimilated them, and to a certain extent from Goths, Huns, Slavs, Cumans, and others who traversed the territory that became Romania in the centuries after Roman rule.

As Romanians were isolated from the other Latin peoples of Western Europe, they absorbed various cultural influences from Slavs, Greeks, Turks, and other neighboring peoples (i.e. Orthodox Christianity), however they are very conscious of their Latin heritage which distinguishes them from their neighbors. This ethnic consciousness manifests itself, as one might expect, in the name "Romania," reflecting this Roman heritage.
1st guy: "I think I'll be Dracula for Halloween."

2nd guy: "You know Dracula is loosely based on a real Romanian hero named Vlad Dracula right? He's basically a national hero for Romanians as he helped drive out the Ottoman Turks."
by American pieguy October 19, 2009
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