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The papal guard based in Vatican city. Don't let their colorful ceremonial dress uniforms fool you, they are an elite fighting force. They all have training in the Swiss army and are part of the smallest standing army in the world, although the main crime in Vatican City is pick pocketing. They were first commissioned by Pope Julius II. Their uniforms are covered in yellow and orange stripes and they wear silver helmets with a red plume on it. They also carry long spears and can be seen guarding highly protected areas of Vatican city that are restricted and only open to employees of the Vatican.
The Swiss Guard almost arrested me for going the wrong way, good God those guys are tough.
by American Abroad October 11, 2012
One of the best places to go. If you visit go to Rome, the Vatican, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast. A country were you can find all the best food and sites to see. The people are truly a breed all their own. It's like the Hotel California..."You can check out any time you want...but you never really leave. If you go there for even a little while you will never want to leave...you will wish you livd there and if your do live there...YOU LUCKY BASTARD! I just got back 2weeks ago and I already want to go back
Person 1: I just got back from Italy...I want to go back!

Person 2: you lucky bastard! I wish I could go...I heard the food there is amazing.
by American abroad July 25, 2012

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