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The long black trench coat that adorns the shoulders of the ever so sexy Benedict Cumberbatch a.k.a Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock.

The swishy coat is known to intimidate even the most stubborn of people, and will occasionally make Cumberbitches go into fan-girl fits of lust, as well as make Sherlock seem like a total classy badass. (not as effective as The Purple Shirt of Sex)
Sherlock Holmes could only look sexier if he was wearing the swishy coat.
by Amelia Cumberbatch July 03, 2011
A very small redneck community, just south of NoWhere. The only things to do in Wakulla are to go huntin', fishin', and sometimes hangin out at the local Walmart. Wakulla is not receptive of the nerdier types, but the social classes of teenagers generally accept whores and/or sluts. Seriously, if you value your virginity don't come here.
Wakulla County- home to everything you want to avoid.
by Amelia Cumberbatch July 19, 2011
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