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delicious, like a burrito from Chipotle.
cocky, in good reason.
humble, on rare occasion.
a future president of the united states.
one who honestly believes he is a bad-a.
sounds like cheesy reggae music.
a master at jeopardy.
one who falls easy and hard girls named amy.
posesses an amazing smile, and knowledge of over 100,000 movies.
one who stinks at winking, but excels at b-s.

Ferris Bueller
James Bond
Anthony Giddens
Christian Bale
Teddy Geiger
Shane West

"Gosh, could your cocky boyfriend be any more of a Ryan Doyle?"

"People like people who are like Obama, Bob Marley, Chuck Norris, or Ryan Doyle."

"Mmmm...This burrito is soooo Ryan Doyle."

"Whoa, now thats a Ryan Doyle smile."

#ryan #doyle #obama #ferris bueller #love
by Amelia Airhart February 08, 2009
Travis Dean Hufstetler

#1. anything that is intelligent, kind, sexy, hilarious, beautiful, athletic, creative, or fun.

#2. someone who is going to change the world one day.

#3. someone who isn't defined by others, but instead uses negative and untrue criticisms as motivation to be the best person he/she can be.

#4. someone who is underestimated, and who is his own person, not living in anyones shadow.

#5. someone with a heart of purest gold.
"there can only be one...sexy huf"
#travis #hufstetler #mr senior class #2009 #uwf
by Amelia Airhart March 17, 2009
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