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the act of excitedly freaking out over something you found out later than your friends.
Girl: "Wait, Anna Paquin was in that horror flick Trick r' Treat?"

Guy: "Uh...yeah, did you think True Blood was her only acting role??"


Guy: "Wow....late flailing much?!"
by AmbyMT December 28, 2010
a term used when you are

1. very angry or

2. very excited.
1. "fo shizzleskittles! we're totally out of ramen!!"

2. "fo shizzleskittles! I'm totally stoked for the party friday!!"
by AmbyMT January 15, 2011
Using the term fail too much in one sentence.
Sarah: "fudge! I dropped my ice cream."

Emily: "that fail was like a total failure of epic failing failness!"

Sarah: "just shut up! Commiting Fail Redundancy doesn't make you any cooler than me!"

Emily: "....that was still a fail."

Sarah: *mean glare*
by AmbyMT October 09, 2010
when someone in the same room says or does something awesome and you want to give them a fist bump but are too lazy to go over to them, so you fist bump the other people around you until someone fist bumps the person intended to recieve the fist bump.
James: Remember when Steve burped the alphabet and did cartwheels at the same time?

Freddy: Yeah man, I gave him a chain fist bump for his excellence.
by AmbyMT December 05, 2010

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