11 definitions by AmbroseKalifornia

Double-barreled shotgun crossbow used by Willem Dafoe's character in the 2010 vampire horror film Daybreakers. The single greatest vampire-slaying weapon this side of the sun.
by AmbroseKalifornia January 08, 2010
A short length of heavy chain used in a street fight. UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson wears one around his neck for luck.

"If I have to take off my rumble chain you WILL get beat down."
by AmbroseKalifornia March 17, 2008
One who uses Twitter.
Quit Tweeting, Twit!
by AmbroseKalifornia March 06, 2009
Children. Single people, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Oh, god no. I wouldn't date her. Mary has kids. That's a total deal breaker.
by AmbroseKalifornia January 08, 2007

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