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A term used to describe when a mother or girlfriend asks you a million questions or gives numerous commands in a row when you just walk in the door from work, school, etc.

Very typical for italian mothers or girlfriends.
Mother: Hi, what would you like for dinner? Pasta or chicken? Where were you? Why did you take so long? Is it cold outside? Is it sunny? Where were you again? Why didn't you answer the phone?

Person: uhh...

Mother: Well were having pasta. Wake dad up please! Go upstairs and change, I don't want you wearing your dress pants at the table. Hang up your clothes!

Person: Ma' your going rapid fire, relax and count to ten
by Ambrogio February 16, 2010
DBJ stands for a dirty blow job. A DBJ is an especially sloppy blow job which may include excessive amounts of spit, deep throating and ball sucking.
Dennis: Did you get laid?

Anthony: No, but she did give me a DBJ.

Dennis: Nice!
by Ambrogio February 16, 2010
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