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2 definitions by Ambermarie1

When people order a draft beer and put olives in it to give the apperance of a sophisticated beverage.
Bartender, give me a redneck martini, I need to look posh and drink a beer at the same time
by Ambermarie1 April 16, 2011
1. The art of someone who is completely unaware that there are other human beings in existance.

2. Descriptive for someone who demands service.
3. Me-Monster who only talks about themselves.
4. Douche-bag who thinks he is superior to others.
5. Douche-bag who talks on a Bluetooth when ordering at the counter.
Loook at that guy. He reeks of snobfoolery, first he pushes his way to the front of the line, then he demands his food and he is not even paying attention to the clerk cause he's talking on his damn Bluetooth.- ass
by Ambermarie1 April 16, 2011