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1.a chocolate flavored italian cookie followed by a slice of fried pork
2. a phrase that sounds terribly and ambiguously sexually deviant, but really has no meaning.
1. what i just ate which was really quite delicious
2. you wanna come over later? I'll give you a chocolate biscotti and bacon. you'd like that wouldn't you? In return, I expect a full portugese breakfast.
by Amberley February 12, 2006
1. the sexually arousing udead
2. an expression of agreement or dismay to a close friend
3. a phrase used to signal the conversation is turning to
ridiculous things
1. Amby:Hannah! Check out those zombies on the left...
Hannah: Damn, those are some hot zombies, right there.
2. Alicia: are you finished editing the paper?
Caitlin: Hot zombies?
3. Caitlin: you suck.
Amby: your mom sucks
caitlin: wha?
Amby: I'm ron burgandy?
caitlin: con ner
Amby: Hot zombies
by Amberley February 12, 2006
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