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Little fuzzy things with cute names and triangular eyes. Pokemon are very passive and will allow humans to opress them, abuse them, and force them to live in little red balls.
"pikachu!" Ash screamed, "Stop humping Jigglypuff and go kill that stupid monkey-creature!"
by AmberAlmighty January 28, 2005
Who gives a crap if it's urban slang?
New Definitions, urban slang or not, COMPLETELY KICK ASS!

Unless they're stupid, of course, but that's different.
by AmberAlmighty January 24, 2005
A new breed of troll discovered on IMDB. Promtly went extinct upon discovery.
"lgbkrs sherfjkwehrtgfbdsf? rhewlh! LMAO! rwj;tj.



by AmberAlmighty January 24, 2005
In this case, it would be a DIFFERENT kind of gump. Not the tall, lanky kind.

This quadrupedal gump is quite large and stocky, and often a pale, creamy color, with a peach-colored streak down its back. The gump is called so because of the sound it often makes.

Gumps are rather fond of eating, and are prone to being attacked by poodles and weasels. Gumps take up large amounts of space and often get in your way.
The gump walked down the hall and collapsed with a loud "GUMP", blocking the way.
by AmberAlmighty January 24, 2005
The act of performing various stunts on a rectangular piece of wood with wheels. Skateboards are small and portable, but suck as transportation, as opposed to bikes.
A hobby, NOT a sport.
by AmberAlmighty January 27, 2005
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