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Maxlynns are sweet caring souls but really have a devil inside them. They tend to like friend's guys and make a job out of getting them for themselves. They also tend to forget to shave their regions including their very dark armpit hair. Overall stay away from Maxlynns because they can have a talent for backstabbing.
Dude 1: See that girl over there? Maxlynn?
Dude 2: Yeah dude her legs look broken.
Dude 1: Yeah i know dude but she texts me all the time. My girlfriend, who's her good friend, got really pissed at her because she was texting me nonstop.
Dude 2: Dude not cool! She texts me all the time and i got a girlfriend!
Dude 1: We gotta do something about this!
by Amber G Terros November 09, 2010

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