94 definitions by Amber

some chick who hangs around on IRC and idles a lot
* Moony has joined #reallife
by Amber November 14, 2003
a word used when a small girl named megan is to lazy to laugh.
That's funny, bah.
by Amber October 14, 2003
when a man is fucking a bitch and there is another bitch there and he hollas SWITCH
by amber January 10, 2003
naw hell naw fuck naw
are you going to da party...
by amber September 03, 2004
an ancle with an ancle braclet on
self explanitory
by Amber August 22, 2003
A lonsome loser that seeks out young teenagers, or two holes and heartbeat. See also Might Joshua.
Look at the loneman hanging out around schoolyard.
by Amber November 13, 2004
to defacate
I have gotta fuckin dominate, big time!
by amber December 01, 2003

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