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3 definitions by AmazinglyGayGirCake

Its a combonation of sketchy and homophobic
Sean: tim is skitphobic
Jim: Really i thought he was gay?
by AmazinglyGayGirCake October 27, 2011
It is where you pop a girls cherry then she gives you a blowjob right afterwards
Bob: Bro i popped ashleys cherry then she gave me a bloodjob
Timmy: Bro your messed up thats nasty
by AmazinglyGayGirCake October 26, 2011
When your having sex with 2 other chicks and 1 chick throws up in your ass and the other chick licks it out of your ass
Tim: Bro i got a rollplex last night
Jim: Thats nasty man
by AmazinglyGayGirCake October 25, 2011