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you lick someone out, and when you come up, you have pubic hairs around your mouth and in your teeth
"Eugh! you've got a jelly beard. how did that happen? i've got a shaven haven"
"I dunno"
by Amazin Ali April 24, 2004
a game played by mainly children by running out in front of cars and see who goes to the side of the road first
winner runs last
Jimmy and Frank were playing chicken. Frank ran off but Jimmy was knocked down and killed, that made the score 3-2 to him
by Amazin Ali April 07, 2004
actually, it's not grungie, it's grunger so shut ya mouths!
they listen to rock music and and wear dark clothes and makeup. a lot of them smoke weed and hate townies, but only coz the townies hate them.
little kids trying to be grungers where gay hoodies like slipknot and linkin park.
i myself am a greeb
Nick has never had sex
by Amazin Ali April 07, 2004

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