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Literally, a combination of the words 'amazing' and 'max', it is the best and most extreme way of describing the awesomeness of a particular object. The quintessence of cool.
Wayne Brady... opening for Saturday night live... with a mohawk... dancing in front of the entire Patriots cheerleading squad... and giving out free Ipods to everyone? THAT'S AMAXING!!!!!!
by Amaxing (Who else?) November 13, 2007
A mental disorder characterized by constant, intense impulses to practice the violin whenever possible. In early stages, subject exhibits abnormal affection for his instrument, and occasionally speaks to it. Subject slowly begins to stray from social activity, until, in the final stages, subject lives almost his entire life within an auditorium, gymnasium, or other such structure where constant practice of the violin is possible. Subject may also exhibit a tendency to lash out at those who do not have the disease,as well as appear tired and overworked, occasionally having dark circles form around his eyes. Almost always, and irrevocably, fatal.
D.J. spends all his free periods practicing in the auditorium! He must have Patrickitis.
by Amaxing (Who else?) November 13, 2007
A term, usually associated with young teenage men but can be used with either gender, that denotes someone of incredible coolness, usually in an unconventional or unorthodox way.

Whoa! That guy's the best beatboxer I've ever seen! What an E-Con!
by Amaxing (Who else?) November 13, 2007
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