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A seemingly generous present that will benefit the giver as much as the receiver.

On an old Chipmunks Christmas album, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore give Dave a gift. He's overwhelmed with their generosity until he discovers it's an empty bag, which the Chipmunks say is for him to fill with presents and give back to them.
My friend gave me such a Chipmunk gift this year. She bought me a CD by HER favorite group and then asked to copy it because she's too cheap to buy her own CD AND a present for me.

That back bedroom at my mom's house is freezing! I hate staying there when we visit. Is it too much of a Chipmunk gift if I buy her a space heater for Christmas?

My husband took me to the Monster Truck Expo for my birthday. Jeez, what a Chipmunk gift. What was he thinking?
by Amarantha10 December 19, 2005
The insatiable urge while being intoxicated to watch DVDs or TiVo'd shows and pause, rewind, and comment again and again about the program being watched. Drunk remoters may pause and rewind to ask others WTF is going on in the plot, point out background locations they've visited on vacations, watch scenes over and over again that only they find amusing, spend ten minutes to find the exact frame where a punch misses someone's face, or generally distract everyone else in the room from an otherwise interesting storyline.
(rips remote out of hand) Give me that thing! I'm tired of you drunk remoting. I just want to watch the movie.

Friends who want to stay friends don't drunk remote.
by amarantha10 May 17, 2007
Clothes that are a little too big, but you end up gaining weight to fit them, much like a goldfish grows to fit their tank.
I bought my boyfriend size 36 pants and they turned into goldfish clothes. First he complained they were too loose; now he says they're too tight.

None of my clothes fit any more, but if I buy new ones I know they'll just turn into goldfish clothes.
by Amarantha10 December 19, 2005
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