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A ghetto bird is a police helicopter. In the early 1990s, the police flew their helicopters around the black neighbords either in search of crime or as an excessive measure in an arrest. Ice Cube's song "Ghetto Bird" clearly displays the sentiments of african-americans. They felt slighted and violated because they were being targeted.
"Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood
like everybody from the hood is up to no good.
You think all the girls around here are trickin
up there lookin like Superchicken
At night I see your light through my bedroom window
But I ain't got shit but the pad and pencil
I can't wait till I hear you say
"I'm going down, mayday, mayday." I'm gonna clown
Cause everytime that the pigs have got me
y'all rub it in with the flying Nazi
military force, but we don't want ya
Standin' on my roof with the rocket launcher
"So fly like an eagle."
But don't follow us wherever we go
The shit that I'm saying, make it's heard
Motherfuck you and your punk-ass ghetto bird"
-Ice Cube - "Ghetto Bird"
by Amanti November 16, 2005

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