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Aside from being a country (obviously) and America's hat, Canada is a character from the anime Hetalia. He has a pet polar bear that he can't remember the name of. (Its name is Kumajiro.) Everyone either confuses him for America, can't see him, or doesn't know who he is.
Kumajiro: Who are you?
Canada: I'm Canada.


England: Hey, America, about those war plans...
Canada: Um, sorry, but I'm not America.


Canada: *running into a G8 meeting* Sorry I'm late!
Japan: Oh, it's fine. We've...all been waiting for you...
Everyone: Who is this guy?
by Amane Misa March 11, 2011
1) A country located in North America that is named for Amerigo Vespucci.

2) A character in the show Hetalia. He's tall, strong, and an idiot, but a lovable one (at times). Often says things like "I'm the hero!" Has been called the "asshole of the world". He has an alien friend named Tony (stemming from the 1947 Roswell incident) and can speak his language. People often mistake his brother Canada for him.
England: Something isn't right...it feels like someone's missing.
Germany: The quickest way would be to do a count.
America: America's here, whiners! Nothin' else matters!
by Amane Misa March 11, 2011

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