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Making your friends listen to horrible music against their will.
I hate riding in the van with her, I'm always earjacked!
by Amanda_W July 09, 2005
A game created by the makers of Ghettopoly. (Both are spoofs of the board game Monopoly). To quote the makers of the site, "Getting down and dirty and the local Ho Down, making moonshine, having your latest batch of crystal meth blowing up in your face, building trailers and double wides" are some of the things you will encounter in this game. Some of the properties include an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Fat Bob's Eating Contest, Rusty's Meth Lab, Jim Bob's Moon Shine, The Holton Inn, and a Klan Barbeque.

To play the game you will use the included "counterfeit" money, Gamble & Redneck Stash cards, Loan Shark Tray, and seven game pieces (Shotgun, Horseshoe, Can of Chewing Tobacco, Monster Truck, Moon Shine, Trucker Hat, and a Piece of Crap).
We wanted to play something other than Monopoly, so we ordered Redneckopoly to have a fun time.
by Amanda_W June 23, 2005
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