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I have lived in Oklahoma for the majority of my life. For the most part, yes, the state is somewhat boring. Most of the towns here are rather small, and there is a strong Christian influence here (bible belt) and that hinders the education levels in some aspects.

However, this is not for the lack of teaching. It just causes some to deny certain sciences and things of the like, putting more stock into Sunday school than Public school.

With all that being said, there are some beautiful places here, if you like seeing rolling countrysides and those sort of places. There are many landmarks here, and there is a lot of history here. Oklahoma is often referred to as "Native America" due to the fact that a lot of tribes of Indian live here, having been moved here when it was considered to be the indian territory. There is a lot of culture here, and it can be a fun place to learn about the history of this country... the underlying history that is, before it became the United States. That is to say, if you are interested in learning these sorts of things.

As for modern issues, there are very modern areas here as well, just not as many as you would find in say, New York, or California. We have Oklahoma City, and Tulsa as the main urban areas. There are also other smaller cities such as Stillwater for example that offer good schools, fairly large communities, and decent entertainment.

Personally, I do not care for OKC. It is too big, and too dirty. The road system is horrible, and there is always construction and detours on the highways. The people living in that part of the state are more of the "bible beating" sort. You are very likely to see the stereotypical Oklahoma in this region. The accent is thicker, and you will see many pseudo cowboys wearing wranglers with a skoal ring in the back pocket, frilly shirts, and an OU baseball cap or a cowboy hat. This, however, does not make them 'dumb' or 'inbred'. Just different than you and I, but they enjoy their life, they have fun, and many of them are very well educated. Its called diversity.

I live in Tulsa. It is big enough to provide plenty of entertainment, yet not so big that its confusing. It is a very artistic city, having many beautiful buildings and landscapes, and some interesting museums for the artisticly inclined.

The people residing in Tulsa are far more open than some other areas. There is a large gay community here as well; this does not mean everyone here is gay, or that it would be an insult to be called as such. Gay people are just that: People. It is idiotic and narrow-minded to say "Oklahoma is gay, or full of faggots". Learn some compassion for fellow mankind.

Anyway, the cost of living in Tulsa is a bit higher than most of Oklahoma, but still lower than many other states, and pay wages are more than sufficient for most living here. There is a good college here (TU) as well as many community colleges.

Oklahoma being a central state is also convenient for those who wish to travel to other states for vacations, and the low cost of living allows for most of its residents to be able to afford such journeys.

In reference to the smaller, more rural areas of the state, a lot of people enjoy simple living, small town folk, and the friendly atmosphere. It is not my cup of tea, and perhaps not yours either, but that does not make the people any less human for living there, and liking it.

One of the great things about any town or city in Oklahoma is the laid back, friendly atmosphere here. Smiling faces, strangers waving as you drive or walk past... It is a lot different from the bigger more populated areas of the world where a typical greeting is a waving middle finger.

Now, as for the whole Texas vs Oklahoma thing, I don't understand the contention to be honest. I spent a year living in Houston, and I loved it there. The humidity was a bit much, but it was an exciting city to live in, rich in culture, close to the ocean, and green year round. It was a nice experience. The cost of living was much higher, but offset by the lower cost of goods. I came back to Oklahoma because, well, it is home to me, despite its shortcomings.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is, every place has its pros and cons. Why argue that one is better than the other? Why not just embrace each state for what they are, the good and the bad, and love each other as Americans? It is pointless and primitive to fight over silly things. I understand each being proud of where they come from, and that is fine, but when it gets to the point of cheap insults and low blows it just becomes ridiculous.

I consider myself an intelligent and tolerant person, and I was born, raised, and educated here in this state.
Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.
Friendly faces, rolling country sides, Native America, and diversity with a smile.
by AmandaS July 20, 2005

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