1 definition by AmandaBarichello

Aaron is the most beautifulest guy in the world. Anyone would adore him. Hes cute, funny, and knows how to make people laugh. When he smiles the whole room lights up. He's the kind of guy you wish you can cuddle with. His laugh is very contagious to others. Doesn't cry often. Around the skinny side. Aaron's like to tease people about certain personality traits. They usually get made fun of, but they just slack it off. They go for what they believe in and never stop trying. Love sports; very athletic. Very easy to listen to. An amazing guy in general. He only has one true love. He doesn't like to admit personal things in public. Aaron's can be a jerk at times, but they are always forgivable. They love to be involved in everything with everyone. They don't give hugs often; only to loved ones. To rap everything up, Aaron is a one of a kind guy. Anyone would love to have him.
Girl 1 - Hey look, its Aaron :).
Girl 2 - Isn't he just amazing!
by AmandaBarichello December 19, 2010

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