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When you take an erected finger, hork on it, and shove it up somebodies unexpectant asshole! Caution you may get a brown surprise.
I pinned Gavin to the ground and gave him a wet frankie.
by Amanda Banana December 17, 2004
When you get a boyfriend, become completely infatuated with him, and forget your other friends. Your boyfriend then becomes your only friend because you only ever hang out with him.
After Katie started dating Mark, she got sucked in the boyfriend bubble and lost all her friends.
by Amanda banana March 10, 2013
When you get a girlfriend and forget all your other friends. Your girlfriend then becomes the only friend you have.
Dude 1: Where has Tom been? He doesn't come to our bro fests anymore.

Dude 2: Don't be expecting him anytime soon. He got trapped in a girlfriend bubble just last week.
by Amanda banana March 10, 2013

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