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A forum on the popular anime roleplay site, Gaia Online. It houses some of the most intelligent people, and some of the dumbest. Mostly, the General Discussion is for those who know the ropes of Gaia Online, and who know how to type with proper grammar. Those exempt to this rule are the more prominent members of General Discussion, because basically it's, to quote one user, "Our fuckin' GD".

The General Discussion also has it's own personal radio show, hosted by the esteemed Erik Ferris, who is, to most in the General Discussion, God in his purest form.
"Woah! That could be a cool, discussable topic! Send it over to the General Discussion."
by Amanda W June 07, 2005
Used to describe someone with a wacky and bubbly personality, and also a good fashion sense. Originates from the user weja on Gaia Online, the Goat Monster Prince of the General Discussion
"Woah look at that kid"
"Yeah, she's totally weja."
by Amanda W June 07, 2005
Of or relating to a lack of knowledge.
I was going to ask my friend for help with homework, but I remembered that she failed last weeks quiz, and therefore must be dumb.
by Amanda W June 02, 2005
The "General Discussion" on the site "Gaia Online". In the GD, although most GDers might deny it, prominince is God. The most frequest discussion topics in the GD are: Prominince, "N00bs", and "Buttseckz".
"I just joined Gaia Online, but a friend warned me to steer clear of the GD until I knew the ropes."
by Amanda W June 07, 2005
A NPC character on Gaia Online. He heads the infamous G Corp, and is currently in a heated battle with the Von Helson sisters (Two other NPCs), because they kidnapped his son, Gino Gambino. Gambino is a crazed man who has lost his sanity in the search for his son, and in that craze, he asked for donations from the Gaian users and built a giant tower. The tower itself was a monument to Gambino's power and lust for revenge, and so, when he was shot down by a mysterious cloaked figure, the tower fell down with him.
Oh no! Gambino is dead? Now who will host the events?!
by Amanda W June 07, 2005

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