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Dunhill is a very nice brand of pen. You use the term "dunhilled in" when something is for sure or definite. This term is derived from the saying: I'll "pencil you in"... pencil can be erased but when someone is "dunhilled in" its for sure.
Oscar: Am I gonna see you tonight?
Amanda: I don't know... I'll try to pencil you in.
Oscar: I wanna be dunhilled in.
by Amanda Michelle May 16, 2008
The un-shelled sunflower seeds at the bottom of the bag. No work required... just pop em in your mouth and enjoy!
I love the freebies at the bottom of the bag!!
by Amanda Michelle May 15, 2008
When plan A doesn't work out and you just give up. Plan B is you just do nothing.
Amanda: Hey VK, are we still going tonight or is it plan B?

Veronica: Plan B, I don't feel like it... i drank too much last night.
by Amanda Michelle May 16, 2008
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