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Pro Proness Protastic Protasm

Something that is so pro thats its rated like an orgasm.
but has the salad fingers flava to it cause "orgasmic" was such a good word
example 1

bong salesman; "dude have you tasted this falafel?"

butterfly catcher; "shit yeah! who hasn't? it's totally progasmic"

example 2

nerdboi619;"hey man i kno your l337 and all so i bet you've tried out the new expansion pack for WOW....so...was it everything i dreamed?"

afrofizzle2240; " yer mon the graphics are progasmic"
by Amanda King March 21, 2008
Progasm Pro Protastic Progasm
A word symbolizing a category of epic proness that is a mixture of the terms "pro" and "orgasm"
something that is so pro its like an orgasm
emma; "damn alfrado! bluejuice is the best band ever i so wish was 18 to get into there gig!"

alfrado; "I know they are so in the protasm category of my fave bands!"
by Amanda King March 21, 2008

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