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Born August 28, 1982 as Margaret LeAnn Rimes, the singer landed a record deal at age 12 and became a huge hit at 13 1/2 after her debut single, "Blue" was released. After tiring of having to live up to the "little girl who sang 'Blue'" image, she created her own new image with the album "Twisted Angel", which contained small tastes of her country music roots along with pop and rock music. Married actor/dancer/model Dean Sheremet on February 23, 2002.
LeAnn Rimes has an amazing voice.
by Amanda October 25, 2003
The overused nickname for anyone cursed with the name Amanda. Contrary to popular belief, it is far from clever.
"All my Amandas are Amanda Pandas."
by amanda April 03, 2005
A person who pisses someone off to such an extent that all the person can call them is "fucking fucker".
Vince is a fucking fucker!
by Amanda April 01, 2005
The best band in the world. Consists of Stacy, Jamie, Brian, and Drew. Stacy is the singer and the songwriter, not to mention HOT. They are the band with the hit song "Flavor of the Weak" in 2001, and a semi-popular song "Another Perfect Day" in 2001. They now have a second album out, called "The Art of Losing", which released February 25, 2003.
American Hi-Fi was recently dropped from their record label, Island Def Jam.
by Amanda January 03, 2004
(from Slashdot) A name automatically given to an anonymous user who posts comments on a message board, meant to motivate users to register.
I set my threshold so that I don't have to look at all the stupid comments from Anonymous Cowards.
by Amanda April 20, 2004
A mixed emotion of being sad and angry.
I felt sangry when my wallet was stolen at the movies because sentimental peices of me were gone but it was my own fault.
by Amanda July 25, 2004
Hailie Jade is the cutest little girl i have ever seen in my life! she is cute!!!!!
by amanda August 08, 2003
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