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A word that Bert McCracken and Gerard Way can not pronounce.
Bert> "This Haute couture.. is some crazy shit."
by amandA April 24, 2005
A Led Zeppelin fan who is so young that it's hard for anyone to believe they even know who Led Zeppelin is. I thought up this word when I was typing a Led Zeppelin website in the 'search' bar and made a typo.
Little Suzie is such a Led Zeppeling.
by Amanda January 11, 2005
the act of having something.. and then suddenly not having it anymore.
It was a great loss when all my beer suddenly disappeared.
by amanda March 03, 2005
When a girl goes crazy and starts yelling.
"God, don't have a bitch fit!"
by Amanda February 09, 2005
A female Cuban.
Usually dark hair and eyes. Some may have natural dark blonde hair.
"Soy una chica cubana"
eg. Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan, Daisy Fuentes
by Amanda March 13, 2004
a person with an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexally explicit photgraphs, moletsing children and exposing ones's genitalia to children.
Bob began taking nude pictures of the child next door and was then labeled as a pedaphile..
by Amanda October 19, 2003
a common term used when someone is being stupid or idiotic... or just dumb, made into a noun. (c)amanda ryyla
Alessia is a dumb dumb.
by amanda December 29, 2004

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