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273 definitions by Amanda

what lilttle kids call you when they can't pronounce amanda.
My neice says "Manda pick me up."
by amanda January 02, 2005
Quinn Allman is the most talented spiritual guitarist there is... his mind is deep.. his lyrics are but poetic plays on words...
his music..poetry
by amanda May 02, 2004
What happens when you're introduced to some good cocaine.
I am so coked out. This was some really good blow.
by Amanda February 20, 2005
A term used to discribe something that is cool, likeable or enjoyable that is also new.
"That shirt is funky fresh."
or "That beat is funky fresh."
by Amanda March 18, 2005
A brand of cigar used to roll weed in. Cigars that are not Philly brand are just called blunts.
"Go to the store and get a Philly Blunt"
by Amanda July 23, 2003
A word that Bert McCracken and Gerard Way can not pronounce.
Bert> "This Haute couture.. is some crazy shit."
by amandA April 24, 2005
A Led Zeppelin fan who is so young that it's hard for anyone to believe they even know who Led Zeppelin is. I thought up this word when I was typing a Led Zeppelin website in the 'search' bar and made a typo.
Little Suzie is such a Led Zeppeling.
by Amanda January 11, 2005