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273 definitions by Amanda

what sven calls me
"damn blooooooooood you go to bed hella early......"
by Amanda August 17, 2003
10 57
same word as "just"
i giss hooked up wit a cutie, guys! hell YeeaaAAHH!!!
by amanda March 13, 2004
5 56
yo those sneakers is hot. OPA!
by amanda August 17, 2003
5 56
A person whose hair on their head matches their pubic hair, IE: the curtains match the carpet.
That person is such a firecrotch.
by Amanda May 26, 2003
161 212
The only town in New Jersey to which Anna Kournikova, the Williams sisters, and other pro tennis players have played.

Bring back the tennis classic
Monica Seles won the tennis classic in Mahwah. Where? Mahwah, you know as in: "Rome, Paris, Wimbledon, Mahwah"
by Amanda April 11, 2005
98 150
An expression of disgust used primarily to indicate disapproval about the state of something.
"BLAG! This drink is awful."
by Amanda August 25, 2004
8 64
Simple Plan is one of the best bands out there. They are my favourite band and i listen to their CD's Everyday. I don't get it why people have to always diss someone elses favourite band. You don't see me dissing your favourite band so why do you diss mine?
Simple Plan Rawks My Sox Off!!
by Amanda March 23, 2005
115 173