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A strap-on dildo, often used by women to penetrate a lover's orephus.
The lesbian had to use a chode to make love to her girlfriend.
by Amanda April 12, 2005
from the gagging sound made upon vomiting, used to refer to something exceedingly disgusting
"Who would you rather....Jennifer Lopez missing one arm with a raging yeast infection and feces smeared on her forehead....or your own mother?"

"Boh dude. Neither."
by Amanda March 22, 2005
a coffee shop where all the cool techno kids go when they aren't clubbing and getting mad crunk. home of the famous french vanilla extra extra,
"Yo, let's cruise the Ave one more time, then we can hit up our loser friends on our Nextels, and head over to Dunkin Donuts, where we will spend the next 3456 hours doing nothing but drink our iced coffee's outside."
"Sounds ill dawg."
by Amanda March 07, 2005
His name (Jehovah) means "he causes to become" in other words he can become whatever he needs to be to fulfill his purposes, and save his loyal witnesses.
The Almighty, not Jesus, not part of the trinity. His predominant quality is love followed by justice, wisdom, and power. Creator of all things.
For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life. -John 3:16
by Amanda May 28, 2004
haha your such a cork i mean dork
by amanda October 26, 2003
(v) to go after someone, try/want to hook up with someone
(n) a person performing the act of perving
Whoah, Wad-Phoebes is trying to perv him.
Wad-Phoebes is such a perv.
by Amanda February 23, 2003
the hottest, most outgoing, AMAZING girl you will ever meet...she's perfect
There goes tc....damn she's so hot i'd screw her in the middle of class...
by amanda January 26, 2005

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