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273 definitions by Amanda

to leave and go somewhere
Are you ready to scooby?
by Amanda December 10, 2004
7 17
A girl who is short and thin.
Did you see that girl man she dill.
by Amanda April 09, 2005
22 33
The uneducated and overtly trashy individuals's version of "saw" as in, the past tense of the verb "to see"
"I seen her at the club last week and she was lookin' FLY!"
by Amanda March 22, 2005
18 29
for my one and only bradley!! bmt gets credit for this
"wow that guy is so totally hgs"
by Amanda January 09, 2005
0 11
Word created by Stacy to define Manda & D.Ho during one of their normal slow moments and one of Stacy's normal insult/ name callin sprees that she oh so normally goes on but that's why we love her!!!
"whaddup idiotica"
by Amanda April 05, 2004
3 14
a day when a snowday is called when it is suppose to be a really good day of school.
omg carnival was suppose to be today but those stupid montgomery county officials said it was to "dangerous" to go out of our houses. what a woe day. lets go to bethesda instead.
by amanda February 06, 2004
3 14
To burn.
Hehehehe burny burny!
by Amanda May 26, 2003
7 18