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273 definitions by Amanda

He´s just to good to be true. He´s my defination of Lovely. What should I do without HIM? They learned me to live my life out. The showed me the way to love. I just wanna say, Ville Valo. Speachless for him.
He´s the god.
by Amanda December 31, 2003
25 12
to throw up due to intoxication.
last night krumples spent the night by the toliet. that's why we call her Mrs. Yack-Yack
by amanda September 07, 2003
32 19
A derigble gerbil.
Jarvis Cockerel - "Crikey! It's a derigble gerbil"
Mark Llama - "Yes! It's a derigiberbil."
by Amanda January 29, 2004
17 5
An adjective, describing something in a less crude way than using the other "f-word". Also could be substituted with freakin'
What's the frappin' deal man!
by Amanda January 05, 2004
15 3
reference to Cheez-It commercial in which greedy motherfathers are instructed to stop moochin and procure their own delicious cheese snacks

In hip circles, refers to people needing to raise up off deez and get their own style, own man, own clothes and own fucking Cheeze-Its
1. Mom to Daughter: Hey Becky - lemme wear you new sweater.
Daughter: Dont think so Moms - you betta get your own box!

2. Friend #1: Damn your man *is* fine.
Friend #2: Yeah he's fine and he's mine so you needs to be
gettin your own box, bitch.
by Amanda April 12, 2005
21 10
used when someone has said or done something outrageously stupid/funny/crazy.
whoa buddy watch ya self
by Amanda February 24, 2005
17 7
a segment of lyrics from justin timberlakes song, "rock your body." the famous last words said before ripping off janet jacksons boob cover at the superbowl
In rock ur body, one lyric is, "gonna have u naked by the end of this song"
by amanda February 02, 2004
19 9