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Shouted, (usually while interrupting someone mid-sentence), when you firmly believe you are right, period, regardless if you really are or not, and have run out of ways to argue your point. Also said as a means to shut the preverbial door in the other person's stupid face.
"Dude, I'm telling you, raisins are just dried grapes."

"Nuh-uh, they grow on trees, jerkface."

"Let me show you a gr-"

by Amanda, Evansville, IN October 08, 2009
The state in which you find yourself when playing guitar with no pick in sight.
"Man, where'd that pick go? Shit. Nonpickalation station up in here."
by Amanda, Evansville, IN June 16, 2009
Uttered hastily when you did something you:
A) Realize you should not have done and will never consciously do again, or
B) Acknowledge doing, but got too wasted to clearly remember.

Sidenote: Is commonly used just before Not so much.
A)"I can't believe you wore such excessive amounts of spandex back in high school."

"Yeah... yeahbutno. Not so much."

B)"Dude, you were wasted, you totally got with her. Don't you remember?"

"Yeah... Yeahbutno. Not so much."
by Amanda, Evansville, IN October 08, 2009
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