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noun, uncountable
a strong tendency of thought that is found in people of Korean descent, that makes their country blindly and subserviently depend on the help or support of a stronger country in order to exit or be successful
They keep grieving about sadae without making a concerted effort to conquer it.
by Amamo-chan August 11, 2005
noun, countable
1) a job that requires no intelligence and no one else wants to do
2) a Korean who is owned by a Japanese and has to do jobs that require no intelligence and no one else wants to do
1) “You got a job?” ” Yes, it is a dokdo.”
2) Taro gave a dokdo a job as a housemaid.
by Amamo-chan January 18, 2006
noun, plural onmitsu, countable
1) a ninja who is highly trained in the art of ninjutsu and is employed by his lord or the shogunate government
2) a Japanese secret agent whose job is to control public opinion using the Internet
3) a secret moderator of a BBS in Japan

noun, uncountable
4) stealth
No one notices onmitsu.
by Amamo-chan January 11, 2006
noun, countable
the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme; a programme that is conducted by local authorities and other organizations in Japan in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education etc, and that offers university graduates from overseas the opportunity to serve in local government organizations as well as public, private junior and senior high schools

1) a loser who cannot find employment in his own country and earns a living by doing an extremely easy job for a native English speaker in Japan. His lack of aptitude for the Japanese language alienates him from society.
A JET makes a display of his knowledge of Japan.
by Amamo-chan December 29, 2005
the Juche Idea
the official state ideology of the Korean Workers' Party, which has been dominating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK); is based on the teachings of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il’s father, and guides the DPRK to act more on its own initiative in foreign affairs, rather than follow policies dictated elsewhere
1) an idea, concept, plan etc that is flawed
Your business plan is really the Juche Idea. It would bankrupt the company and starve all employees and their families to death. Rejected.
by Amamo-chan January 30, 2006
a web log that is owned by a Jew woman who works at a private girls' high school as a JET English teacher in Okayama, Japan, and in which she kept a diary of her insulting comments about schoolgirls and people around her because she felt that she was hated by them. As a result, she has planted not only anti-Semitism but also xenophobia in the minds of quite a few innocent schoolgirls. It now displays only “?” in its title bar, but keep wailing over her persecution complex and narcissism.
Hey, Jew, you must put an apology on your Wailing Blog.
by Amamo-chan December 28, 2005
noun, plural the Manganese
used in Japanese BBSs to refer to foreigners who are enthusiasts of manga and waste time by reading manga and/or watching anime, and whose speech and behavior are mangatic; Manga otaku
As a Manganese read Love Hina, he could not repress his tears.
by Amamo-chan January 29, 2006

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