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1 definition by AmadeusOblivion

Within gaming, notably First Person Shooters (FPS), to end one's life using explosives in a sacrificial yet joyful manner. And example of this is running up to an enemy and throw an explosive at both of your feet. The resulting explosion kills you both.

The original origin of the term comes from the novel series "Malazan Book of the Fallen" by Steven Erikson. Within the story, one of the sappers (or combat engineer) uses a 'cusser', which is an extremely explosive alchemical clay ball to save his squad and kill an enemy demon by running up to it and throwing it at the ground.

The act is only half of the process. One must be excited, or jubilant, possibly uttering a celebratory cry of triumph.
-"My strategy is simply to run in and hedge like a madman"

-"The guy suddenly ran at me and hedged us both to smitherines"

-"What the crap, who's the hedger?"

-"Thats it, I'm hedging!"
by AmadeusOblivion February 08, 2013