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A term referring to one who prepares food on a professional level; often a term used loosely and carelessly.
"Can you work a double shift in the kitchen this week? Suzy booked another weekend off...she's a chef, you know."
by Amadeus38 June 26, 2012
A group of fat lazy slobs who run a bar in Ontario Canada, where the cook, due to his bitterness over life, his failed career as a rock star and general flashbacks from his catholic schoolboy days, spits in your food if you order something he doesnt feel like cooking, or if you order when he's about to close the kitchen and go play air guiitar in his basement.
Can I have a new burger? I think there's extra sauce on this one, and I never ordered the spit sandwich. What is with this Fat Jimmy'z Place?
by Amadeus38 October 21, 2011
When a marriage has failed to the point of no repair, arguing and hostility dominating the relationship.
"Hey dude, how's the love life?"

"Hell, I'm bailing on that warriage; furniture is flying!"
by Amadeus38 July 14, 2014
Geared Income (welfare) is a form of monetary contribution (taxes) made on behalf of the government to only the laziest and most useless human beings. In an effort to keep track of the scum of society better and study their breeding habits, the government decided to house them in large clusters, called "geared income housing units" (ghetto) To ensure that the sub-humans don't die off before the government decides to kill them off, free health care is also offered. (rabies vaccine) the working class largely fund this experiment. Geared income recipients have more spending power than those who work for a living, because the government has pampered them in order to keep them colonized.
Yeah, she's on geared-income
by Amadeus38 August 09, 2011
The government's continued effort at dry fucking the working people and picking their pockets to pamper those who think that work is overrated.
I should get a job, but I'd rather surf the net all day. Let some other sucker go to work; I'll just get a welfare cheque.
by Amadeus38 February 18, 2012

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