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A form of body language what occurs when a person is ignoring you completely. It is usually an action represented by turning your black/shoulder towards the target and not communicating to them even though the subject is obviously attempting to talk to you.

It is usually caused when you do something worth deserving that amount of ignoring such as date raping them, completely disregarding their needs, and, but not limited to, abusing their attributes for your own bitch-ass needs.
When you do something completely uncalled for and is very hateful of you for doing that and (s)he ignores you for the longest time.

Or when you try to talk to someone but they just walk away or turn their back towards you.

"Dude, stop giving her cold shoulder just because she dumped you."

"Megan, why are you giving me cold shoulder? All I did was beat up your dad.... and murder your mom.... and rape your little sister.... thats nothing to be mad about. You know I still care about you right?"
by Amachi March 02, 2008
The phrase hedgehog's dilemma refers to the notion that:

(1) The closer two beings come to one another in a relationship, the more likely it might be for them to inflict psychological pain on each other
(2) Yet if they remain apart, they each might feel the roughly-equivalent (psychological) pain of loneliness.

This notion comes from the conjecture that hedgehogs, with sharp spines on their backs, might hurt each other if they get too close. It is a character trait believed to be possessed by some individuals, in real life as well as in works of fiction, sometimes causing anti-social behaviours, often allegedly caused by an unpleasant past experience of intimate relationships. A person who suffers from the hedgehog's dilemma will usually avoid becoming too close or involved with someone, due to fear of another similar, possibly painful, experience, such as they had experienced in the past.
Porcupines are a better example of the hedgehog's dilemma due to their commonly known dangerously sharp spines. As you can imagine, getting too close to them will provoke them and might force a few spines in you in self defense.
by amachi February 16, 2008
It is a misspelling of the word pedophile.
Hotbodbiker2: Hey whats up?
Hotchick111: OMG my math teacher is such a petafile! He was totally staring at my boobs through out the whole class period and when I was walking out the door, he tried to grab my ass.
Hotbodbiker2: Its spelt pedophile and i would probably do the same. xP
by Amachi May 26, 2008
Red envelopes are often presented at social and family gatherings such as Chinese weddings or on holidays such as Chinese New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck.

The money amount contained usually begins with an even digit (traditionally mostly anything involving the number 8), as odd numbered money gifts are associated with funerals. At weddings, the amount offered is usually intended to cover the cost of the attendees as well as help the newly married couple.

During Chinese New Year, red envelopes are typically given to the unmarried by the married, regardless of age.

From the old saying goes, the money in the red envelopes are not suppose to be open for usage until Chinese New Year is over, else bad luck befall on you for the whole year.
DUDE! I just got almost 500 dollars in red envelopes on chinese new years!!!! I'm going on a shopping spree tonight. (:
by amachi February 15, 2008
Chopsticks can refer to one of two things:

1) a pair of small even-length tapered sticks, which are generally believed to have originated in ancient China, and are the traditional eating utensils of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
2) a more recent FAD that has appeared to be popular amongst children and young teens is the game of Chopsticks. It is a turn-by-turn based game where each person starts with one finger on each hand. Each turn, the player can either add his finger to one of the opponent's finger's (while keeping their own finger)or move fingers to the other hand. When one hand reaches the number 5, the hand dies but can still receive a finger from the other hand. You can not switch a finger to another hand if it would just result in moving one hand to the other side. For example, if you have two on one hand and three on the other. You can not move one finger and get three on one hand and two on the other. There are 5+ variations of the game so if you want to actually play with someone, you must first discuss the rules, such as remainders, attacking your own hand, who starts, allowed to move fingers, etc.
Do you want to play chopsticks?

Dude, you NEED to learn how to use chopsticks if your going to go eat ramen. It taste so much better with them
by amachi April 05, 2008
- BFD, a shortened form of the phrase "Big Fucking Deal" or "Big Freakin' Deal" used in online chat
- BFD, an annual alternative music festival hosted by the radio station Live 105
- BFD, a software instrument program produced by FXpansion
- "Brute Force Detection" software
I just went to BFD '07 and it was AWESOME!!!!
by Amachi October 21, 2007
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