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Love between two dudes that is in a "totally manly way."

"Closer than the average man and wife."

"There to care through all the lows, there to share the highs."
"It's guuuuuuuuuuuuuuy love, between twooooooo guuuuuuuuys." -"Guy Love," Scrubs
by Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin January 18, 2007
Making out for excessively long periods of time and exchanging copious amounts of saliva.
The two of them had so much swappage they almost shared the eight gallons neccesary to contract AIDS from spit.
by Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin January 15, 2006
To use the index and middle fingers to pull a thong out of a girl's pants.
"Dude, LaBrandon just clawed Natalie in front of everyone!"
"Man! I wish I could claw Natalie, she's hot!"
by Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin January 07, 2007
A penis.

Referred to as a torpedo because you would like to fire it into attractive persons.

Like a real torpedo a spunk torpedo explodes, but with spunk instead of, you know, actual bomb contents.
I'd like to fire my spunk torpedo into that fine pice of ass.
by Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin February 04, 2007

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