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Very Rare Pokemon even more Rare than mew, he lurks inside a cape and uses his wood cane and scissor to live of hair, some evolve to photographers, but they never leave their roots.

White Person.
Person that drinks lot of milk.
The one that likes to jerkoff.
Person that carrys a scissor and a wood cane.
Person that shouldnt be born.
Person that thinks he knows everything!
Person that likes to cut hair/take photos of hair!
Person that sounds like Frieza from Dragonball!
Dude are u becoming Branquinho!? as faggot

Are u still Branquinho? as Virgin

Dude ur just like Branquinho! as Asshole

LOL wtf are u carrying? Ur a Branquinho dude! as a person that carry's stupid shit

Son where u Branquinho yourself? as Jerking off

Dude didnt u go to the beach to take that Branquinho off? as a white Person

Branquinho comes out of cows! as person that drinks lot of milk.

What i dont know i make that up! thought used by Branquinhos

Muahaha im going to take a litle of your hair then im going to take it home and photgraph it! as a psico

Muahahahahahha vou-te exterminar! as Frieza versus Goku
by Américo Sem Cús May 31, 2011

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