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A penis that is too large for the receiving vagina...it damages the vagina and produces a profuse amount of blood upon withdrawal.

initiates an axe wound.

the opposite of "truck bay"
Phil unleashed his cervical pick-axe last night...do you know how i know?...blood everywhere!

When i broke her in it was cervical pick-axe style...but now i shes a truck bay...a heavy dose of labial whisking happened in between.
#battering ram #brick walling #labial whisk #dead ending #womb destroyer #truck bay
by Alzo April 25, 2009
What your penis looks like from a standing position whilst urinating...so called because the foreskin overhangs the tip of the helmet by between half an inch and an inch and the natural curvature of the penis resembles a dolphin.

This is a less extreme version of ant-eater cock.
"when peter was taking a piss he produced a baby dolphin...it was like a surprise trip to seaworld "
#dolphin #ant-eater cock #baby-dee #babydolphin #baby dolfin
by Alzo April 25, 2009
1)A condition that can afflict a men after a period of unintentional abstainence.

Upon the event of a sexual encounter you become so overjoyed at the prospect that you prematurely ejaculate.Similtaneously initiating another prolonged spell of abstainence.
1)Peter:"I had a case of prodigal penis syndrome last nite"
Sam:"What happened this time man?"
Peter:"She pulled off my trousers and a quart of cum was the only sight that greeted her!"
Sam:"You've earned yourself another couple of months then."
#stay at home cock #the untrained eye #short thrift #draft dodging #disapointment
by Alzo April 26, 2009
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